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Sailing Panama

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Above is my picture at a good time on our first day out. Little islands scattered all around. Never out of sight of an island.

This is one of the many islands we hope to enjoy as we sail in the San Blas archipelago.
Monday is the day.
We are flying out tomorrow, Sat, so stay tuned for pictures and clever insights into the meanderings of Ken & Carol as they lie on beaches, trek through jungles and drink some local brews as the sun goes down.
2 weeks-
Itinerary is four days on a sailboat - flying into David western Panama- Boquette for coffee, horses, trails and mountains - bus to Boca Del Toro for some more island life. In between we will fit in some Panama City old street and market cruisings.

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Not my photo. From and image search for San Blas. But, soon, soon...

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The Plan

We spent some time over the weekend planning our Panama adventure. Not wanting to waste a lot of time doing nothing we are Very much into the Internet and planning day by day things to do and how to do them. The transport, the places to see, the costs, the hotels. Sometimes it seems we have gotten it down to too much of a science. Maybe we have lost the adventure part. However, we have more money than time. In the past early years of my life in my journeys to Mexico and Belize I had much less money. I had no guidebook, I had no far reaching knowledge. I had what was word of mouth and a map. I am sure I missed things due to money or not even knowing about something to see or do because it never came up. Now with the Internet the scope of things is so much easier to access.
Seems like nowadays I require more of a plan, even in the general format. This is what we did in Nicaragua. Our plan was to get down the Rio San Juan. Other than that generality, we were winging it.
So our Panama trip is thus - we will start with out boat trip on the Andiamo and the San Blas islands. Then we Fly to David, bus to Boquette, stay there for the Los Quetzales trail hike. Maybe a coffee farm tour and a horse ride. Then on to Lostandfound for some more hiking in the jungle. Then to Boca Del Toro. More islands and beach time.
Things seem reasonably planned thus far.

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City sky, Panama


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Day 1

Panama City, Panama Dec 4
Into hotel last night at 1130 pm. A long day's journey. Taxi driver right there whe we walked out of airport terminal. Nice.
Today a hot humid day. Strolling around Casco Viejo. Conrad "the legend" catches us as we approach the main plaza. Takes us under his wing. seventy five and going strong. A lot of info for us as we stroll and stop. Carol looking at all the crafts and finally buying. Nice bracelet. An old silver spoon with an amythyst clutched in the tines and bent to a C shape to put upon her wrist.
We walked the perimeter of the old town. To our lefty the skyline of Panama City, majestic, tall, grand, looking better than any central American country I have ever seen. Better than Denver's skyline.To our right the long Amador Causeway and the ships lined for the Panama Canal.
A warren of streets, raggedy collapsing buildings next to refurbished ones with commensurate price tags. The bad ones inhabited by "squatters" as Conrad said.
Walking the typical central American sidewalks with their foot swallowing, leg breaking potholes and uncovered holes.

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